New York Fashion Week, Novis Presentation


After attending two presentations this week, I think the most interesting thing about NY Fashion Week is the people watching. There are SO many characters buzzing about and I was doing more lurking than actually shooting fashion. Below are the photos I took at the Novis RTW Spring presentation in Chelsea.
P1240756P1240755P1240761 P1240790There were some really sharply tailored pieces and I enjoyed the color palette. The shoes were ridiculously killer, and you can see in my photos that these poor creatures are almost wilting from standing still for over an hour. I don’t know how they do it. P1240788 P1240789The view from the pit. My tiny little camera was dwarfed by these big guns.

Happy Fashion Week!

Boyce Thompson Institute: Yonkers, NY


This past Saturday, I took the ladies up north for a little trespassing. The Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research was built in 1924 and was dedicated to the study of plants and associated organisms for the “betterment of society.” It’s been in ruin since the late 70s in Yonkers, smack-dab in the middle of an office park, complete with an Applebees. DSC_3550DSC_3537DSC_3533We thought over the plan to break into this main building when we saw the dog-sized raccoons eating breakfast. DSC_3502Instead, we moved on to the greenhouses. I cannot imagine going to this place any time after dark. It was scary in broad daylight.  DSC_3549 DSC_3572 DSC_3575Applebees wasn’t even open for lunch and I already had that erie feeling in the pit of my stomach just walking around this place.  DSC_3586 DSC_3587It is pretty amazing how fast nature starts to take over.
DSC_3588 DSC_3590 DSC_3594If we were gonna get chopped up into bits in the middle of the day, I wonder who was going to save us.
DSC_3596 DSC_3613Since my mother reads this, I must let you all know that we left the Institute unscathed. Lisa and I tried venturing into the basement of the greenhouses, got halfway down the stairs and chickened out. No raccoons were harmed in the making this post, we’ve all had our tetanus shots, and when we were done, we proceeded to the nearest shopping mall for lunch and mindless shopping. But at least for a little bit, we saw something cool.